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Treasure Volume 1

Naoyuki, a sincere and very honest country boy, moves to Tokyo for school and stays with his cousin’s family in the city. At first, everybody wants to take advantage of him thinking he’s too naive and slow to catch on things. Satoshi, his college tutor, demands to have sex with him in exchange for a payment! But, when Satoshi finds out that Naoyuki isn’t as gullible as he looks, he starts falling in love with him!

By Riyu Yamakami
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing/Juné
Age Rating: 18+
Genre: Yaoi/Boy’s Love
Price:  $12.95

Naoyuki is a simple boy that grew up isolated on an island raised by his grandmother. Now as a teenager Naoyuki meets modern day civilization by living with his cousin, Satoshi, in the concrete jungle of Tokyo. Satoshi is as cruel as he is beautiful towards the innocent Naoyuki. Tricked into thinking its acceptable to exchange sexual favors for “tutoring” lessons Naoyuki unwillingly submits himself to.

The beginning of the story seemed somewhat forced to me, can someone be that deprived from common sense that they would be naive enough to pay their tutor with sexual favors? Though this may have been a dark subject matter of cousins hooking up so to speak but it briefly mentioned , and I mean brief enough I had to look for it twice to find it, that they aren’t related by blood. I think I would have rather enjoyed it more if it went there, or even let them discover down the line that they are not blood relatives. As a reader it was not until towards the end that the story started to peek my interest the most, which is great being that this is a two part series since now I am anxious to see how it will all turn out in the end. Though to be blunt iif this was a one-shot only I would have been greatly disappointed since the bulk of the plot, at least for this reader, was not much of a page turner at times.


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