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Kugayama is a gifted music teacher, but a man with little ambition. Despite being born to a wealthy and prominent family, he passes his days in apathy – content to simply go through the motions of life. Then one day, ex-student Azuma Tanaka comes to him for help in studying for a prestigious music school’s entrance exam. Kugayama finds himself drawn to Tanaka’s budding youth and enthusiasm, invoking a desire he’s never known before. Will these feelings interfere with Tanaka’s ambitions? What will Kugayama’s peers think if they find out about the relationship?

By: Fumi Yoshinaga
Publisher: Juné/DMP
Age Rating: Older Teen 16+
Genre: BL/Drama/Romance
Price: $12.95

The forbidden taboo of student and teacher relationships seems to be a common theme among boy’s love tales but this one shakes it up by having the student, Azuma Tanaka, return to his elementary school days with his former teacher Kugayama who at first seems to be quite apathetic towards the youthful high-school boy.

Azuma is reconnected to his musical instructor from his early childhood days to receive solfege lessons to prepare for exams for music college entrance exams. Solfege deals with the basics of music dictation, which the author explains in more detail for those unfamiliar with the terminology. The seeming apathetic teacher begins to take an interest in the personal life of his ex-student which is what will take them down the path of intimacy that they can never turn back from.

This one-shot boy’s love manga does not just give us a slice of their relationship but gives us a tale from the budding begins all the way til when Azuma reaches adulthood. I found it charming to witness the growth of the passionate high school youth to the development of the charming musician. Both the highs and lows of their passion were beautifully draw and it is worth mentioning the usage of tones throughout the story. From the darkened tragic moments to the light and clear notes of pure bliss I believe fans both old and new of Fumi Yoshinaga will enjoy this sweet melody.

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